Suicide, Depression and Music

Suicide, Depression and Music

Do you ever feel down and low?

Think of anyone you know who has taken away their own life. Whether you know someone personally, a friend of a friend, a neighbor a famous person, anyone.  (If you google “suicide helpline“, the number for your area will be made available to you)

Now think if you could have seen it coming and maybe prevented it?

Warning sign…

They say that everyone gives at least one warning sign, or has one cry for help before they decide to do it. 

Common warning signs:

  • Talking about death as a “casual” occurrence
  • Not making very distant plans
  • Allocating responsibilities for “in case they’re not around”
  • Constant dips/ variances in mood
  • Low willingness to interact
  • Sense of finality in their words

Please say there are ways to prevent it

What if you don’t even let it go that far? What if you catch it right when the person starts to feel upset?

From their music. From what they’re listening to. From what they’re sharing.

Now that can’t possibly be true, because then we would catch all the suicides before they would happen.

But isn’t it?

Go listen to “Heavy” and ask yourself whether or not someone should have asked Chester if he was okay after that?Demi told us in “Sober” that she was struggling again.

And now we all pray and feel horrible, but at the time, we just listen to these songs on loop.

When will we admit that music could tell us so much about a person and isn’t just a “party playhouse”!

So, what now?

Well we can’t say our app can show you someone’s soul, but share the music you listen to and let the people in your lives connect the dots. You’re not going to be sad all the time, maybe you never are- then spread your positivity. 

Let’s stop underestimating the actual value of music in our lives.

I’m scared to promote because that’s when people stop reading- when they think it’s an ad. No matter how much they agree with everything you have said before.

Mudzic is a platform to share your feelings with music. With the intention that one day we will build communities around what people are listening to and feeling. With letting lyrics be their heart’s words.


Ya, like that helps!?

So what if someone shares a bunch of songs with some random pictures? There are millions of songs out there.

It’s up to you to ask why they are picking that one? Is it how they feel? Or is it just a casual share?

Are you listening to how your friends are feeling? Are you sharing how you are feeling? 

It’ll start small, but imagine what you’ll be looking at 2 years, 5 years down the line. The plethora of emotions out there…


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