My My My – Troye Sivan’s Comeback

My My My – Troye Sivan’s Comeback

Youtuber turned musician Troye Sivan has come up with a new single titled My! My! My! And the lyrics to the song makes us listeners go red and say the same. Phew!

We missed the youthful and dreamy vibes of his music and he’s back with more. My! My! My! is a song about sex, yes you heard it right. The song seems to show Sivan’s sexual liberation and he as always is very open about his views on love. 

The song keeps the dreamy but pulsating vibe of his previous album Blue Neighborhood which gave out hits like ‘Wild’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Fools’. The songs are electro-pop in nature tinged with some EDM elements but all in all an easy-breezy feel to it, something Sivan has become known for.
For those who have been living under a rock,Sivan rose to fame with songs that he wrote about homosexuality and how love was hard to find and accept. 

Though the likes of Hozier have written songs along the same theme, Troye Sivan’s songs are much much more personal in nature and the listener can hear the sincerity of his emotions. He lived it to eventually sing it out.


My! My! My! however no longer shows the innocence of young love or the confusion it brings. Sivan is loud, confident and out in the world for all to see and this new song talks of the same Amidst the rumors of Sivan dating actor Jacob Bixenman, he seems to have become comfortable with his love life.

His songs are an instant hit and we know so would this song be as Troye Sivan becomes the undefeated new icon for bold, gay pop.


Listen To My My My! on Mudzic.

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