Are You Making Most Out Of Mudzic?

Are You Making Most Out Of Mudzic?

What are you going through in life right now?


Love?  Heartbreak?  New job?  Bad grades?  Friends acting strange?   Mum’s not right?

Do you have songs you’re listening to to soothe each emotion? You are, aren’t you?
Create your own Music Stories. Find the songs that you’re listening to on our Apple Music library, add the picture for your story, and let the caption tell your story. Share with your friends, with your family, with strangers from across the world.

Your profile on Mudzic is your reflection through music. If a song makes you feel better, share it. Maybe it makes someone else feel better too.

Some Ed Sheeran for you lovers, some Sam Smith for the broken hearts. What are you listening to? Open the app, and let the world know!

Download Mudzic 

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