Is There Anything Like “Too Much Music”

Is There Anything Like “Too Much Music”

What does research say about our relationship with music?


The internet gives us answers to everything but to this question the answers were very very vague. If I was asking about peanut butter the internet was telling me about kind of jelly I needed to try. It told me listening to too much LOUD MUSIC was bad for my health.So was listening to music for long duration.

Nobody said anything about listening to too much music being a bad thing. Instead professionals and music enthusiasts equally claimed that it was in fact good for our Health! Mind,body and soul need music.



There were big, medical words used such as auditory discrimination abilities and music as palliative medicine where it basically helps in the development of the abilities of children to think and decipher things easily on the basis of sound as well as reducing pain and suffering of patients through music.

I can make it simpler still. I can distinguish memories and thoughts on the basis of sounds. Music can help remember things; which is why a lot of scientists recommend listening to music while studying, driving, working, etc. Tasks which you’d assume need complete concentration, are focused better with music- not just classical or non distracting. Any music your brain is comforted by.

Some of the facts were plain mind boggling. Listening to classical music can apparently improve our visual attention. Huh? Listening to music while driving instead can significantly distract us. Rather than silence,unfamiliar music seemed to be the key to a perfect drive!

Everyone knows that kids benefit from listening to music,we have seen numerous scenes in movies and otherwise of pregnant women sitting with headphones on their belly playing Mozart to their babies. Music generates creativity. Ambient music(not too loud,not too soft) was the perfect source for it.. However for exercise,music helps in droning out our body’s cries of fatigue and helps us in pushing on.


You’ve got plenty of comeback worthy information ready for times when yourmom/dad/wife/husband and the occasional annoying uncle/aunt throws shade at you for innocently listening to your music.

You’re Welcome.  

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