Chainsmokers, You Owe Us Some Good Music

Chainsmokers, You Owe Us Some Good Music

The Chainsmokers’- You Owe Me is Horseshit and you can’t say I’m wrong.


It looks like The Chainsmokers are going through a major phase of denial after all the criticism they received. You Owe Me shadows the gloomy tones of their previous release Sick Boy and are still hounding the press for their ‘atrocious’ claims.


The song sounds fine,but that’s just the problem. It is painfully average and the supposed message of suicide gets muted down by the “meh” vocals of Andrew Taggart. The audience have already started asking questions like why they are going for the 21 pilots vibe two years after the death of the 21-pilot vibe! For most people, You Owe Me is one long boring song. The video’s bloody climax was also a pretty overdone concept. Vampire fame died with Twilight and Vampire Diaries.

Is it a quick goodbye for The Chainsmokers or would they surprise us later, say a safe ten years later maybe? I dare not imagine. For now, they need to hit the studio yet again as the new song did not it’s job. Which was to make us forget Sick Boy.

Now the fans have one more song to forget and The Chainsmokers owe US 4 minutes of our lives.

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