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Mudzic is your space to connect with people around you based on your feelings by sharing through Music

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Discover people and music around you. Use the search bar to find songs through regular Hashtags

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Created as a safe space to communicate complicated emotions with songs.

“Music says things way more articulately than I ever could. Songs and lyrics had more to offer than my not-so-dramatic speech could. This was  more true when it came to opening up about romantic feelings. So I’d do the regular things any shy girl would- I’d play the songs with words I wanted to say around the people who needed to hear them. But people leave, and that’s when it really gets complicated. How do you share your feelings with a song if the person isn’t around? Well, that’s what Mudzic was about.
It came from a personal need for a place to share my feelings through a song- virtually. Tell the world (or just one someone) what I was thinking. That’s our story!


Building the first global social media platform for non-musicians; audiences and fans, to share how and why they listen to music.
Dave Grohl said “That’s the great thing about music. You can sing to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.”
An android first experience Mudzic is based on a simple interface allowing users to connect with people they know, find new interactions and share their own musical stories.
The experience – Hear the lyrics, see the picture, have the caption explain the story
HOW: Choose songs through our Apple Music Library or record your own songs for your pictures along with captions. Simple!
Hop on our bandwagon and become a part of the very first social network made for connecting through music

-Ananyaa Goel (Founder)



Wake the entrepreneur in you and to help us inspire people to find the Mudzician in themselves!
As a prospective brand manager and our representative, we give you the opportunity and space to feed your creative energies and let those entrepreneurial ideas take the front stage!
All we ask for is your passion for music and an imaginative mind full of original ideas.They would be responsible for sparking talks,igniting  conversations and introducing Mudzic into your campus. Our Mudzic representatives are enthusiastic, driven and are capable of inspiring others to join the Mudzic experience.
Get a chance to network with other representatives from various cities and countries in our larger community, thereby enhancing your own social sphere and professional prospects. You might even stand a chance to join Mudzic’s own core team as a full time member soon!
Grab the opportunity to work for the world’s first social network dedicated exclusively to music and music lovers.


Do you create your music only to be worried about whether the right audience reaches it?
We at Mudzic might have a solution for you.
Mudzic is the first global music community that let’s you share your music with your pictures and explore what others are currently creating or listening to. With downloads in over 13 countries,it will be a home exclusively for musicians
and music enthusiasts, bridging the gap between the artist and the music fan.
As a free promotional space for musicians,Mudzic lets you share 60 seconds of your music which could be the highlight or the hook of the song.
Interact with fans, find fresh audiences, drop promos or practice rounds. Collect feedback from your fans before creating an entire album!
Refreshing new way to interact with fans and fellow musicians.
Many more features are left for you to explore and find out yourself! Join Mudzic and become a part of the very first social media platform completely dedicated to Music.


Do you think we are doing something new and unique and deserve a feature on your platform? Are you a blogger, influencer, journalist, reporter, anyone who can spread our cause to help more people express themselves with music?
Feel free to explore our website, social media handles or write to us personally for more details about Mudzic.
If you feel like giving a big shout-out:
Mudzic is building the world’s first social media platform where non-musicians can be a part of the action. Artists are renown for writing songs based on their personal experiences. Mudzic finally gives a platform where casual listeners can also express themselves with music.
The process has been simplified into a 3 step “Click, Record, Share” option, with the added benefit of a 30 million song library by Apple Music. Follow your friends and know how they feel, follow strangers who you share your music taste with and follow your favorite artists to know more about their music.


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